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Tangerine and Gold



Wear your Smile and show them you are winning

Soft Double-Sewn Cloth Core is in a fine tangerine with gold splatters. This SeeMySmileMask is perfect for the summer and perfect for the fall. The main thing is that everyone around you will see a gorgeous color and your beautiful smile.  🙂

Made in America

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SeeMySmileMask in Tangerine and Gold

  • Double Layer Cloth Core
  • Anti-fog Protective Plastic Shield
  • Elastic Ear Loops
  • Form-fitting Nose Wire
  • Rear-Facing Side Vent

This mask features the perfect blend of summer and fall. Either way, you will be in fashion for the look of the season. The color us darker than orange, but lighter than burnt orange. People will love the the way the mask brightens the room, and they will of course love that they can see your smile.  🙂


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