Why SeeMySmileMasks?

Use Recommendation:

SeeMySmileMasks are currently made for personal use. In the future we may have a model for a medical environment, but for now they are NOT for medical use. Our masks will have a similar benefit to cloth masks that people are wearing in public.


There are several benefits with the SeeMySmileMask as compared to other personal use masks:

  • People can see your smile and read your lips. This is the biggest benefit to our masks. When you wear one, remember to wear a smile. People will be amazed and happy if you flash them your pearly whites.   🙂
  • You will make everyone around you feel more comfortable, and you will likely feel more like yourself as well, because you look more like yourself. People can even recognize you when they see you!  🙂

  • It won’t slide down nearly as much. If worn in the optimal position, your mask will stay in place for a much longer period of time than traditional masks.
  • It is fashion forward. Your mask goes from being something that people don’t like to something that people will openly talk with you about.

  • In our experience it will be much easier to breathe. Once you adjust the face-position and the side vents, you should be able to breathe a little easier than in other masks. This is a debatable topic because everyone is different, but we hope you love wearing our mask.

  • They are relatively easy to care for. Even though the mask may look complicated, the removable Protective Plastic Shield is easy to sanitize with dish soap and a soft paper towel, and your Cloth Core is steamable or washable.

Potential Issues:

Most companies won’t make a list of potential issues, but we love our people and want you to feel like you are part of the family.

  • The Protective Plastic Shield is wrinkleable. If you crimp it in any way, the wrinkle won’t come out, at least not that we have seen. It isn’t a big deal as most people can’t perceive a small wrinkle, because they will be looking right through it. Also, you can purchase replacements shields should something really bad happen to yours. (Don’t sit on it!)  🙂

  • People will want to try your SeeMySmileMask on. They can’t do this. It totally takes out the purpose of having it in the first place. Just be sure they admire you from afar. Well, I suppose if they are a spouse or someone you are kissing anyway, then it is probably fine. Also, it is a good idea for the whole world if you just tell them where they can get their own. (SeeMySmileMask.com)   🙂

  • Make sure you brush your teeth. There are two reasons for this. First, people can see your teeth again. Make sure you get rid of any broccoli between the teeth!. Second, you will smell your breath blowing back into your nose. Bring along a breath mint just in case.  🙂

  • Even though the inside of the Protective Plastic Shield is fog resistant, your breath can condensate on the inside if you are breathing heavy, speaking or singing for a long period of time, or you just got done with a marathon and are still breathing heavy during your TV interview. If this happens, just clean the inside with some dish soap and a wet soft paper towel (careful not to wrinkle it). The dish soap re-sanitizes your Protective Plastic Shield and helps to prevent further condensation for a longer period of time. Soft soap will work in a pinch just check the smell first.