We have all heard the “Doing our part” bit.
Do your part. Flatten the curve.
Do your part. Stay home.
Do your part. Wear a mask.

These sayings got old quick. They were like an old record played over and over until you don’t even here it anymore. The meaning is starting to fade. Now that we are finally emerging, we are finding people isolated and in masks.

We have noticed that people need more than just to be around other people. They need that encouragement. They need to connect. In these times, we aren’t walking up to people and giving hugs yet. Well, we aren’t even shaking hands right now. The one connection we can have is to pass along a smile and a head nod, or straight up engage in conversation.

We are getting a positive reaction everywhere we go. You can be a part of the movement too. We would love to hear your stories about the same thing. If you have one of our masks, please send your stories to smilestories@seemysmilemask.com. I am sure you will be having the same reaction we are getting. Remember, to smile and pass on the good vibes. It really is a world changer, and who knows how much of an impact a smile could have in this day and age.  🙂  Keep smiling!