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Why SeeMySmileMasks?

Use Recommendation:
SeeMySmileMasks are currently made for personal use. In the future we may have a model for a medical environment, but for now they are NOT for medical use. Our masks will have a similar benefit to cloth masks that people are wearing in public.


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Current Active Coupons

Current Active Coupons

ACTIVE COUPON CODES: Coupon 1: teacher This is 10 percent off for those who work with kids, children, or students Coupon 2: medical This is 10 percent off for those who work or support the medical field Coupon 3: hearing This is...

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Thank you Good Morning Arizona!!!

Thank you Good Morning Arizona!!!

It was such a fun time to see Maria Hechanova in person, and we were honored to have her do our interview. SeeMySmileMask.com has not been the same since. Here is what happened: It was fun to have such an adventure on Sunday morning. We went early to the place in...

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Doing our part

Doing our part

We have all heard the "Doing our part" bit. Do your part. Flatten the curve. Do your part. Stay home. Do your part. Wear a mask. These sayings got old quick. They were like an old record played over and over until you don't even here it anymore. The meaning is...

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Clear Masks for Sale – Restaurants

Is Wearing a mask troublesome, with it squashed against your Mouth,
With Seemysmile mask, there is room to breath. They are reusable,
washable, stylish. You get many uses out them not like other clear masks
on the market. With most states having policies that you have to wear
a mask in public places the seemysmilemask was designed for such
places, Essential Employees having to wear a mask 8-10hrs would love
this Mask.

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Custom See-Through Face Masks made for your Restaurant

Clear Masks for Professions

See Thru Masks for Restaurants

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